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Application Guide for Proof of concept Project of Innovative Drugs Based on Novel Molecular Entities in 2023

Notice of Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory on the release of the 2023 application guidelines for innovative drug proof-of-concept projects based on novel molecular entities



In order to give full play to the advantages of the integrated R&D and transformation platform of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Pingshan Center"), help accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the "first kilometer", establish a new ecology of integration and development of the biomedical innovation chain industrial chain, implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and help the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center and Comprehensive National Science Center, according to the work arrangement of Pingshan Center, the 2023 "Innovative Drugs Based on Novel Molecular Entities" is now launched Proof-of-concept project application work. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


First, the overall requirements

The application project must conform to the construction direction of the proof-of-concept center, focus on the field of innovative drug research and development, have a theoretical research foundation, have formed preliminary ideas for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and plan to carry out creative and feasibility verification projects.


2. Declaration requirements

(1) Relying units

1. The project supporting unit shall have independent legal personality.

2. The relying unit shall be responsible for the declaration qualifications of the declarant, and review the authenticity and completeness of the declaration materials, and shall not submit project declaration materials that do not meet the declaration requirements.


(2) The declared items and the declarants

1. The academic thinking of the application for funding is novel, the basis for the theory is sufficient, the research objectives are clear, the research content is specific, the research methods and technical routes are reasonable and feasible, the industrial application prospects are good, and the ownership of intellectual property rights is clear;

2. The applicant (the person in charge of the funded project, the same below) has made original discoveries in related fields, and its research results have clear application prospects;

3. The applicant should have the ability to undertake the project independently, and have a reliable time guarantee to carry out the proof-of-concept work of the project to be applied for funding;

4. The declarant must be a full-time employee of the reporting unit, and the same declarant can only declare or participate in 1 proof-of-concept project.

5. Where the declarant or participant is listed in the abnormal directory (or blacklist) of scientific and technological creditworthiness and is subject to administrative punishment due to personal reasons, they must not report.


(3) Declaration materials

1. Declaration and letter of commitment

The declarant shall submit the declaration materials as required (see Annexes 1 and 2 for details), and the application shall not contain any content that violates laws and involves secrets. The declarant shall be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the submitted declaration materials and sign a letter of commitment (see Annex 3 for details).

2. Scientific research ethics and scientific and technological safety

If the project declaration involves issues related to scientific research ethics and scientific and technological security (such as biosecurity, information security, etc.), the applicant shall strictly implement the relevant national laws, regulations and ethical guidelines, and submit relevant certificates such as the unit's scientific ethics review opinions.

3. Budget

Budget categories include: material costs, testing and laboratory processing costs, publication/documentation/information dissemination/intellectual property affairs costs.


2023. <> Subsidy Plan

There are about 12 proof-of-concept projects to be funded, the funding amount does not exceed 8,1 yuan, the funding period is <> year, the funding funds are collected and managed by the Pingshan Center, and the project fund account is set up in the Pingshan Center.


4. Project selection and management

(2023) The selection of proof-of-concept projects in Pingshan Center in <> includes declaration, formal review, expert review, publicity and other links, and the relevant departments of the Proof-of-Concept Center will conduct a formal review of the project, and the projects that pass the formal review will be submitted to the expert group for review.

(2) Proof-of-concept projects that pass expert review will be publicized; After the publicity is completed, the project contract or task letter is signed and the fund number is established, and the subsequent use of funds is implemented according to the relevant system of the proof-of-concept center.


5. Intellectual Property Management

The results of the funded projects as a result of proof-of-concept implementation include, but are not limited to, papers, monographs, intellectual property rights, etc. Relevant results should list Pingshan Center as a thank you or signatory unit.


6. Declaration method and declaration time

Application time: June 2023-6, 1, the signed and sealed declaration materials should be sent to the designated mailbox ( or before the deadline. The application stage is paperless, and the paper application materials are submitted together with the contract after approval.


Attachments: 1. Proof-of-concept project application

2. Project feasibility study report

3. Letter of commitment to the authenticity of the declaration materials

Click to download the attachment: [Attachment - 2023 Application Guide for Innovative Drug Proof-of-Concept Project Based on Novel Molecular]


Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center

2023 Feb 5




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