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Organic Letters | Li Zigang/Yin Feng Research Group: Click chemistry Reaction Triggered by Fluorine Ion

Research Trends of Li Zigang/Yin Feng's Research Group


Research Trends | New Advances in IT+BT: Hierarchical Graph Learning Models Describing Protein Protein Interaction

Research Trends in the Chemical Research Department of Pingshan Center.


Research Trends | Chen Xi's Research Group and Collaborators Reveal a New Mechanism of KRAS Mutations Mediating Tumor Immune Escape

Chen Xi Research Group of Pingshan Center/Nanjing University, Yan Chao Research Group of Nanjing University and Yin Rong Research Group of Nanjing Medical University published papers on the Journal of Clinical Investigation.


Research Trends | Progress Made by Li Zigang/Yin Feng's Research Group in the "Group Transfer" Strategy Based on Peptides

The Li Zigang/Yin Feng research group from the Biological Research Department of Pingshan Center has made progress in the "group transfer" strategy of peptides. The research group used peptides as targeted ligands and introduced different functional groups with sulfonium salt centers into the peptide side chains, achieving site selective modification of different functional groups. The relevant research results are published in the internationally renowned journal 'Organic Letters'.


Scientific research trends | New ideas for the treatment of breast cancer - peptide inhibitors targeting the interaction of MTDH/SND1

The research progress of the collaborative research group between Li Zigang/Yin Feng from Pingshan Center and Professor Kang Yibin from Princeton University.


Scientific research trends | Thioether catalyzed C-C bond Coupling reaction: Allyl bromide and boric acid

The Huang Yong/Chen Jie'an research group at Pingshan Center published a research paper titled "A Thioether Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reaction of Allyl Halides and Arylboronic Acids" in the journal "German Applied Chemistry".


Research Trends | Li Zigang/Yin Feng's Research Group Achieves New Research Progress in the Field of Targeted Protein Degradation

Recently, the Pingshan Center/Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Li Zigang/Yin Feng research group published a research paper titled "Targeting UBE2C for degradation by bioPROTACs based on bacterial E3 ligase" in the journal "Chinese chemical letters", reporting a bioPROTAC that can specifically target UBE2C and its related biological activity validation.