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Shenzhen Bay Laboratory went to Shenzhen Technology University and Shenzhen Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park for research and exchange

On April 28, a delegation led by Li Zigang, Deputy Director of Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "Pingshan Center"), Chen Jie'an, Associate Researcher Yin Feng, and Cao Yang, Head of the Laboratory's Scientific Research Department, as well as Zhao Keyu, Vice President of the Future Institute of Peking University's Shenzhen Graduate School, visited Shenzhen Technology University for research and exchange.

On April 4th, Li Zigang, deputy director of Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "Pingshan Center"), associate researcher Chen Jiean, associate researcher Yin Feng, and Cao Yang, head of the scientific research department of the laboratory, and Zhao Keyu, deputy dean of the Future Institute of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, went to Shenzhen University of Technology for research and exchange. Dean Hu Junqing, Vice Dean Chen Lingling, Professor Li Rongsong, Professor Kang Yan and other relevant leaders of the School of Health and Environmental Engineering of Shenzhen University of Technology attended the symposium.




At the symposium, Dean Hu Junqing welcomed the visit of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and introduced the organizational structure and faculty composition of Shenzhen University of Technology, including 11 colleges, including Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing College, Big Data and Internet School, School of New Materials and New Energy, School of Health and Environment, and School of Pharmacy (preparation). The school focuses on closely matching the needs of the industry, sets up disciplines, promotes the spirit of craftsmanship, innovates the talent training model, adheres to the open school, cultivates international talents, adheres to the integration of industry and education, carries out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, recruits talents globally, establishes a professional and high-level teaching team, etc., fully draws on and introduces the advanced school-running experience of first-class technical universities in developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland, and is committed to cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents such as engineers and designers with international vision, craftsman spirit and innovation and entrepreneurship ability at the undergraduate level or above. Strive to build a first-class university of applied technology.




Associate Professor Chen Jiean introduced the construction goals, organizational structure, international cooperation and talent team of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and Pingshan Center. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on research fields, talent training and public service platform construction, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.




Subsequently, Shenzhen Bay Experiment and biological enterprises in Shenzhen Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park conducted specific discussions on public service platform construction demands, platform equipment purchase and technical support. A few days ago, the "Notice of the General Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on the Special Group for the Construction of Shenzhen National High-tech Zone Pingshan Park under the Leading Group of Shenzhen National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (Shenzhen National High-tech Zone)" clarified the positioning of Pingshan High-tech Zone as the core park of Shenzhen National High-tech Zone, and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Center will give full play to its own advantageous resources, actively build a high-level public service platform, and help the development of a large number of small and medium-sized biomedical enterprises in Pingshan. Provide strong research and achievement transformation support for the biomedical industry in Pingshan District, improve the basic research capabilities of biomedical applications in the region, and enhance the long-term competitiveness of the national bio-industry base.




Written by | Li Tian, Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center

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