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Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Conversion Center Visited China Resources 39 for Discussion and Exchange

On the morning of April 4st, Li Zigang, deputy director of Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "Pingshan Center"), associate researcher Chen Jie'an, and Yin Feng, associate researcher went to China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Resources Sanjiu") for research and exchange, Dr. Wang Yong, President of China Resources Sanjiu Innovative Drug Research Institute, received the Pingshan Center, and the two sides introduced the construction progress and operation management experience of their respective projects, and discussed the specific cooperation details on the "QBH-1" project.

At the meeting, Dr. Chen, the R&D team of CR Sanjiu Innovative Drug Research Institute, introduced in detail the research progress, formulation planning, non-clinical and clinical research plan, and CRO bidding plan of the "QBH-196" project. The two sides communicated in detail and exchanged views on the organizational structure, project research promotion plan, clinical research plan, capital investment, task division and equity distribution involved in "QBH-196". The meeting made it clear that the two sides will cooperate in accordance with the principle of "long-term and overall planning", and promote the implementation of various projects in stages and gradually in the manner of "mature one, advance one".

Written by | Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center Tang Hongmei

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