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Accelerate the scientific and technological breakthrough of novel coronavirus prevention and control by Shenzhen Bay Laboratory to visit the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the three municipal hospitals for research and exchange

In order to rapidly promote the development of the new coronavirus prevention and technology research project, on February 2, Tu Huan, leader of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, Li Zigang, deputy director of Pingshan Biomedical R&D and Transformation Center, and Li Chao, director of the Cooperation and Planning Office, went to the Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter referred to as the "Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention") and the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the "Municipal Third Hospital") to conduct in-depth exchanges with front-line staff on the clinical needs in the process of tackling key scientific and technological problems in the prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus.

Tu Huan and his entourage first visited the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Secretary of the Party Committee Zou Xuan and Director Xia Junjie respectively introduced the CDC's epidemic prevention and control plan and measures, and the front-line epidemic prevention personnel such as the Institute of Pathogenic Biology, the Institute of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, and the Science and Education Management Department of the CDC detailed the technical problems encountered in practical work and put forward scientific research needs. Tu Huan introduced the scientific research work carried out by Shenzhen Bay Laboratory around the fight against the epidemic and the recently released open topics. The two sides had in-depth communication on personnel double employment, equipment sharing, and site sharing.

Liu Lei, president of the Third Municipal Hospital, expressed strong support for the hospital and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory to carry out joint scientific and technological research, and hoped that the two sides would establish a long-term and efficient cooperation mechanism.

The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Municipal Three Hospitals have outstanding advantages in the prevention and control of major and emerging infectious diseases, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment, and the in-depth cooperation between Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and the two medical institutions will effectively improve the scientific and technological research process of new coronavirus prevention and control, in order to jointly overcome the epidemic.

Written by | Cooperation Planning Office Chen Jiefeng

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