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Chemical Synthesis

Chemical Synthesis

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Chemical synthesis:

Research direction: This research group proposed a new strategy of proton-shuttling catalysis (i.e. space regulation of protons) and realized a series of highly asymmetric reactions, and then designed multi-site catalytic intermediates to participate in the selective protonation (i.e. time regulation of protons) to unlock a series of unknown chemical reactions.On this basis, the concept of proton selective migration is applied to the migration reactions of other groups, which provides new ideas and technical means for the synthesis of important drug fragments and skeletons.Main research directions include :(1) development of proton migration reagent;(2) study on reactive intermediates at multiple sites;(3) study on group migration reaction;(4) research on the application of synthetic methodology to targeted antitumor drug chemistry.


The research team

Dr. Wong chung, senior research fellow
Winner of the national science foundation for outstanding young people
1997: bachelor of Beijing university
1998: master degree, university of Chicago
2002: Ph.D., university of Chicago
2002-2004: postdoctoral fellow, California institute of technology
2004-2009: senior research associate, Merck r&d center, USA
2009-present: professor, shenzhen graduate school, Peking University
2019 to present: professor, shenzhen bay laboratory


Dr. Jiean Chen, associate researcher

2010: bachelor of sun yat-sen university

2015: doctor of Peking University

2015-2017: postdoctoral fellow of Peking University

2017-2019: associate research fellow, shenzhen graduate school, Peking University

2019 to present: associate researcher, shenzhen bay laboratory

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