Opening Remarks for 2020
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Opening Remarks for 2020

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Pingshan Translational Medicine Center Opening Remarks for 2020

Good Morning ladies and Gentlemen :

The epidemics of COVID-19 erupted in Hu Bei China and now spread out to the Republic of Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan caused greatest concern of the whole world. Nobody expected this New decade is beginning at a Global healthy tremendous unrest.

With the anxiety and panic of the world caused by a virus, the innovation of Healthcare and Drug development draw people’ s attention to ignite up hope. Shen Zhen Bay Lab, Pingshan Translational Medicine Center join to the healthcare innovation since build up on last August 2019.

Our center aims to take global lead in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Research to develop the novel drugs and treatment for particular diseases in connection with Cancer, CNS and Metabolic Diseases. Cancer has posed longstanding challenges. Currently cancer still major cold bleed killer. Nevertheless, Cancer have the lowest clinical trial success rate of all major diseases in the Pharma industry. A rapid advancement in genomics technologies combined with the low cost of sequencing and early diagnosis have led to the generation of vast amounts of cancer genomic data in recent years.

Shen Zhen Bay lab also outline potential strategies for addressing cancer treatment, from understanding the basic evolution of cancer and improving its early diagnosis to streamlining the thorny process of developing promising drug targets into clinical trials in China.

Our center is equipped the state of art instruments and equipment’s including the Mass spectrometer, NMR, HPLC etc. Our fields contain: Chemical Synthesis, Peptide Drug Development Center, Herb Natural Plant Extract, FDF as well as QA center. The rise of social media, AI, Big data and Internet+ provide a bright perspective for Healthcare Industry. Besides, we will explore effective use of new techniques of artificial intelligence and big data analytics in pharmaceutical and biotech research in the perspective.

According to IMS statistics, the total global pharmaceutical market reached 1 trillion in 2015, and this number keep growing to 1.4 trillion by 2020. Since 2013, China has become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world. The output value of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.  From 2009 to 2014, the average R & D investment of Chinese Pharma Enterprises has tripled. The Center works closely with many of world’s leading players like Pfizer, Sanofi, Merk and GSK. These companies participate in our research projects, provide real-world insight, and transfer our technology to novel drugs and treatment. Meanwhile, our researchers and specialists are encouraged to interact across the various areas of expertise in the lab and beyond.

We committed to supporting Pharmaceutical and Biotech Research forward to industry development of drug and effective novel treatment to make effort for more people’s healthy and productive life. We would like to do our best to serve the most marginalized children and aging people who lived in fragile states where the health system hardly covers them. we believe improvements in health are key to lifting people out of poverty. People become healthier; their lives improve in other ways. And the whole society becomes better as a result. 

Thank you.

Huan Tu Ph.D.

March 2020

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