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The Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Translational Medicine Center was officially established on August 6, 2019 in the Shenzhen National High-tech Pingshan Park. The center was jointly established by the Pingshan local Government and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Lab Dr. Li Zigang is the Executive Deputy Director.

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Pingshan Translational Medicine Center is an important research transformation platform and leading applying and translation center base for Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. Focusing on the cutting-edge innovative drug research, promote cooperation between research institutions and industry, accelerate the transformation of core technologies, serve upstream and downstream industry value chain incubate biomedical technology companies, and form a biomedical ecological system with high-tech innovation engine for the treatment of major diseases.

PTMC will be authorized open regulation and legal policy for helping Pingshan's bio-industry, promote the transfer and transformation of a large number of cutting-edge basic research from Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, improve the basic research capabilities of Pingshan's biomedical applications, and promote Pingshan's research and development of new drugs, technology transformation, and development for industrial incubation and other aspects has improved the long-term competitiveness of Pingshan National Bio-industrial Base. Enhance Shenzhen's biopharmaceutical industry in the development to extend to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area life and health industry.


Pingshan Translational Medicine Center will build a core platform for new drug R & D, including the following:


    Innovative Research and Development Platform 

    Chemical biology

    Small molecule drug

    Computational Chemistry


    Transformation incubation platform

    Project Incubation
    Clinical Trail
    Pharmaceutical Finance Investment


    Public Platform Lab

    New drug screening
    BE evaluation
    Key Technology Transfer in/out


    Talent exchange and cooperation platform

    Postdoc Training
    Medical Technology
    Exchange Academician Workstation

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