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Minimum Education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Work Area:

Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

1. Job Description:

Cooperate with PI to complete daily laboratory management; Complete research related tasks

2. Job responsibilities:

2.1 Independently design and complete experimental projects, participate in fund application, management, project completion, and other related matters;

2.2 Responsible for routine technical and daily management work in the laboratory, and completing other tasks assigned by PI;

2.3 Publish one or more papers as the first author in an influential journal in the RNA field;

2.4 Complete public affairs arranged by the research institute.

3. Job requirements:

3.1 Possess a doctoral degree;

3.2 Have professional background in molecular biology, Epigenetics and other related fields, and have research experience in non coding RNA, extracellular vesicles, drug delivery and other fields;

3.3 Possess strong independent research capabilities;

3.4 Strong ability to write English papers.

Working conditions and benefits

1. Salary and benefits: We promise to provide compensation for those with rich work experience and outstanding abilities, which is no lower than that for research positions in domestic research institutes and related companies. A certain proportion of salary and benefits will be adjusted annually based on individual performance. At the same time, the research institute provides necessary research and experimental equipment and funding to assist them in applying for vertical funds, and there are additional performance bonuses based on research results. The specific salary will be negotiated based on the applicant's experience and achievements.

2. Basic guarantee: Pay five insurances and one fund according to the maximum proportion of contributions in Shenzhen (such as 12% of monthly salary for housing provident fund contributions, totaling 24%), and enjoy paid annual leave, holiday condolences, and other benefits;

3. Special benefits: job subsidies (such as meal allowances), employee physical examinations, condolences for marriage, childbirth, birthdays, statutory holidays, and other special activities for employees (birthday parties, afternoon tea, interest groups, etc.), and other benefits;

4. Research environment: Provide internationally leading research conditions, including a good working environment, sufficient research funding, cutting-edge experimental instruments, and a pleasant working atmosphere;

5. Talent subsidies: The research institute fully assists in applying for national, provincial, and municipal talent introduction projects and subsidies;

6. Life care: In accordance with the regulations of Shenzhen City and Pingshan Center, assist in handling matters such as settling down, applying for public rental housing, and children entering the kindergarten/school, and organizing condolences.

Contact information:

Interested parties please send their personal resume, research summary, and other relevant electronic documents that can prove their research ability to their email address: (Mr. Wei), please indicate "Postdoctoral/Assistant Researcher/Research assistant+Name+Research Direction of Nucleic Acid Research Institute" in the subject of the email. This recruitment information is valid for a long time.